2020 Release ” Spectrum, Vol. 1″ by Phasma

Spectrum Vol.1 is a new album of electroacoustic compositions that explores these ideas through a musical meditation on  time and space, represent traces of the collective imagination, and similarities between different cultures point and a shared human experience. Each work depicts a sonic landscape that serves as a musical reflection of a space with cross-cultural significance. Each space’s sound world is evoked through the use of a different custom-built amplified vessel for each movement.

The album features 14 world premiere recordings of new and varied electronic and electroacoustic music by 13 living composers.

Product details 
CD 1John Franek
01. STKI  [26:11]   
Andrew Sigler
02. Parenthetical  [02:39]                                                                                                        
Hélène Sauter
03. Fantasmagorie  [03:10]   
Soheil Shirangi
04. The Hypothesis No.2  [04:30]  
Alexandros Georgiadis
05. Etude I  [04:32]  
Alexandros Georgiadis
06. Etude II  [05:38] 
Greg A Steinke
07. Four Desultory Episodes for oboe and fixed media  [10:52]  
Greg A Steinke, oboe
Total time:  [57:36]

CD 2
Chin Ting Chan
01. Rituals [08:06]  
Paul Dibley
02. Is-y-Coed  [15:00]  
Pedro Castillo Lara
03. FLUJOS DINAMICOS  [08:01]  
José Rodrigo Navarro Belbruno
04. 迷路に I  [05:16]  
Dimitri Papageorgiou
05. “…am I hearing voices within the voice?”  [06:39]  
Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer
06. 6 Études électroniques  [06:27] 
Mei-Fang Lin
07. Multiplication Virtuelle for percussion and live electronics  [11:32]  
 Jean Geoffroy, percussion 
Total time:  [61:07]
Soheil Shirangi
2020 ” Spectrum, Vol. 1″ by him and other composers released by Phasma Music Company in Athens, Greece.