Suspension No.1(For Accordion And Fixed Media) 2012

Suspension Is many things: People’s feeling, Their memories, Their nostalgia, Their hopes and aspirations and finally The silence. Silence that is nothing and everything, I sometimes hear And sometimes I don’t hear, they are tangible, Unexplainable And I try to articulate them And unforgettable, They can’t be erased from my memory I live with them, It can be any sound, And Azan sound: Religious Voice Since my childhood Imprinted In my mind.

To An important part of the Iranian people’s memories: Rahim Moazen Zadeh

Year of Creation: 2012 Recorded: 2020 Accordion: Benoit Ray  Youtube Link


Absurd Thinking(For Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Narrators And Electronic) 2015

In this work, I determined the space That clarinet player and bass clarinet each with different notes, The choice is to play with themselves And a text about contemporary music (From my own writings) The narrators read.

Year Of Creation: Winter 2015

Clarinet And Bass Clarinet: Soheil Peyghambari

Narrators: Mahoor Nasirian And Sina Jabbari

Recorded In Kargadan Studio/ 2018   Spotify Link

published by Noise a Noise Record Label//July 2020



Abandoned land(For Cello And Fixed Media) 2017

There is no hope here If so, it is not enough for be motivate Everyone thinks of a better world, but…

Cellist: Ulrike Brand    Youtube Link

Year of creation: 2017 Performed and publish: 2021



The Vital Sounds(For Fixed Media And Accordion) 2017

The purpose of this work Visualization is an environment. An environment that converts to audio, incidentally, The vital sounds are each of us, A collection of regular and irregular rhythms And beat that Trying to Always be there.

Year Of Creation: March 2017 Spotify Link   Soundcloud Link

May 2020 World performance for the Corona Time by Lake Radio.


INDEMNITY(For 2 Accordion And Fixed Media) 2018

This work is a reflection of Hafez’s GHAZAL in my world …

Year Of Creation: January 2018   Last Edit: June 2020

21 June 2019 Performed by Dream House Ensemble in the 4th Tehran Contemporary Music Festival in Hafez Hall, Tehran, Iran: Youtube Link

Accordion I: Parsa Sotudeh      Accordion II: Armin Mohamadi



Sing For Ghazal No.183(For Solo Baritone And Electronic) 2018

Year Of Creation and Recorded: August 2018

Poem: Hafez (1315-1390)

Baritone Singer: Armin Mohamadi

Record In Minor Studio At Tehran / Iran  2018

August 2020 This work was published in the collection “Akati” by Nous Publishing based in London, England.  Spotify Link



Your Concept(For Piano, Electronic And spoken words) 2020

From my recent work, It will be performed at “Deterritorializing the realm of new music” in The performance at Suoni Per Il Popolo festival.

By:  Anoush Moazzeni     Link 



Suspension No.3(For Piano, Narrator and Fixed Media) 2022

Composer and Piano: Soheil Shirangi   Narrator: Rob Snikkar

April 2022, Averill Park, NY Arts letters & Numbers  Youtube Link