A Place To Love (For Orchestra) 2013

We are seeing more and more damage to the earth every day.

The earth, Where it belongs to all of us.

All of us, all humans, All animals.

And all the creatures that live here.

And the hope I imagined, Better days for our planet…

Composer: Soheil Shirangi

Year of Creation: Winter / 2013

Last Edit: 2020   Youtube Link


Vagus(For String Orchestra) 2018

I wrote this work with the idea of one of the main nerves of the brain, Early on, I thought about how to relate it to my own music And the use of signs, But then the path of work was determined I tried not to stray from the musical path.

Year Of Creation: February 2018

Last Edit: 2019


Sharhe(For Orchestra) 2019

This poem by Rumi It put me on it So for all the people who They are far away from their loved ones for any reason, Write a work.

Year Of Creation: Winter 2019

Last Edit: June 2019

June 2020 This work won the diploma of the third person of the Orginsky International Composing Competition (for orchestra) in Belarus.