Solo Piano No.1 2007

During this piece I tried I avoid Identify elements of the basic idea of work, But the more minutes pass Uneasy Characterized The seconds that pass And it expresses a sense of personal experience.

Composer And Pianist: Soheil Shirangi    Youtube Link

Year of Creation: 2007 Rewrite:2012-2015-2017 last edition: 2021

Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran By Marjan Masoumi. April, 15, 2021


Piano pianissimo No.1(Solo Piano No.2) 2008

To make this effect I got help from the name of a small collection. So that the musician can have a good understanding of the work Decide to play the feeling of work Consider himself, With a general explanation of the mildest state And I tried to narrate the space, I used tonality as much as I thought it might be useful.

Year of Creation: Winter 2008    

Rewrite: 2013  last edition and Recorded : 2015

Piano: Arman Nassiri   At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran:  Youtube Link

And August 2018 By Edmund Hartzell: Youtube Link


“NAVAYE MAHZOON” Solo Piano No.3

Composer and Piano Player: Soheil Shirangi

Created: 2013 / Rewrite 2022   Youtube Link

Recorded at Saba Studio, March 1 2023


The Synonyms(Solo Piano No.4) 2014

Patterns, sentences, techniques, and anything that can help unify thinking. In this work, the creativity of the pianist was also used as a part of the material of the work.

Year Of Creation: 2014   Piano Player: Sahel Abaei

Recorded At Saba Studio 2021 By Kaveh Abedin  Soundcloud Link



The Faulty Sequence No.2(For Solo Harp) 2015

My effort in the process, It has been a trend Which does not expand.

Year Of Creation: May 2015

Performed By Olivia Jageurs / March 2019: Youtube Link


The Remarks(Flute Collection): 2015

(A set of four short sections for the flute family)

The collection that, I tried it for each solo instrument that main character of each one is preserved. After technique issues that can be important Details for me, because helps me I’ll be a better narrator.

The Remarks No.1(For solo Flute)

Year Of Creation: Jun 2015

Last Edit And Recorded: December 2020  At: Pezhman Studio,Tehran, Iran

Performed By: Meysam Ghodraty: Youtube Link

The Remarks No.2(For Solo Alto Flute)

Year Of Creation: July 2015

The Remarks No.3(For solo Bass Flute)

Year Of Creation: August 2015

Performed By Daniela Mars / 2018 February: Youtube Link

The Remarks No.4(For solo Flute)

Year Of Creation: September 2015

Performed By Iwona Glinka / published By Phasma Records At Two Minutes Album /Greece/  2019 May: Spotify Link


Solo Piano No.5 2016

What is a motive? What makes us think? What to Like?

Make sense to ourselves Called motivation.

And what causes confusion, It finds a collective sense for us And we are looking for common motives.For imagine and realize a better world, Common motives Is it enough?  Spotify Link

Year Of Creation: Winter 2016 . Last Edit And Recorded: Fall 2019

Pianist: Sahel Abaei . Record In Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran. 


The Childhood Dream(For Toy Piano) 2016

This work is sometimes the narrative of my childhood For the moment And sometimes my reaction to those memories

Year Of Creation: December 2016

Performed: October 2020 By  David Bohn: Soundcloud Link


Miniatur No.1(For solo Cello) 2019

The idea of writing for short sets for solo instruments, It has always been attractive to me Short pieces with small ideas that can eventually reach a small miniature.

Cellist: Esther Morgan-Ellis
October 30, 2021   Soundcloud Link
At The University of North Georgia project, Performing and interpreting Contemporary works written in the last fifteen years.


Miniatur No.2(For solo Cello) 2019

The idea of writing for short sets for solo instruments, It has always been attractive to me Short pieces with small ideas that can eventually reach a small miniature.

Year Of Creation: August 2019


LAMENT FOR ANTONIOU(For Solo Bass Flute) 2020

I tried to express in this work My inner sense of connection with the great Greek composer.   Spotify Link

Soheil Shirangi  July 2020


Miniatur No.3(Solo Violin) 2020

I was always looking for moments in writing music to for express things that cannot be said in words, A miniature can draw it, With simple form, Small dimensions And a sense of the moment.

Year Of Creation: August 2020     Played By: Holly Mulcahy



Short whisper(For Solo Bass Flute)

In this short work I tried To emphasize On the sense of narration of the bass flute, With simple techniques And the question that becomes less and less.

Year Of Creation: October 2020

Bass flute: Lisa Cella     Youtube Link

AT Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Lisa Cella presented on The Low Flutes Project.

March 27, 2021, Concert Hall at the University of Baltimore, Maryland, United States.



The Short Etude For Solo Clavietta  2020

November 2020, Published 2021 January Youtube Link

Played By: David Bohn Soundcloud Link



ROJA(For Solo Tenor Saxophone)
April, 2021      Youtube Link
In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame , 2021 November   
Saxophonist: Drew Joseph Hosler
The name of a star that can only be seen very early in the morning.
And its time is very short.
And because of the many lights in those good hours can not be seen.