Little a fantasy(For Clarinet, Piano And Harmonica) 2006

Solo Piano No.1 2007

Piano pianissimo No.1(Solo Piano No.2) 2008

Piano pianissimo No.2(For Violin & Viola And Piano) 2008

Kooran(For Selected Ensemble) 2009

Solo Piano No.3 2009

Masnavi No.1(For Choir SATB And Piano) 2010

Masnavi No.2(For Choir SATB A Cappella) 2010

Tracing an event(For Flute And Accordion) 2011

Variation on the piece of Iran(For Bass vocal Trio And Fixed Media) 2011

Suspension No.1(For Accordion And Fixed Media) 2012

The Lost Memories No.1(For Trio Flute, Oboe And Bassoon) 2012

Karma(For Duet Flute) 2012

A Place To Love (For Orchestra) 2013

Suspension No.2(For Electronic Voices & Prepared Piano) 2013

Imazh(For Cello & Piano) 2013

Kashkool(For Brass Quintet) 2014

Free Association For Solo Piano(Solo Piano No 4) 2014

Determinism And Free will No.1(For Choir SATB And Piano) 2014

Epigraphy(Solo Guitar No.1) 2014

String Quartet No.1(Rondo In D Minor) 2014

String Quartet No.2 2014

Absurd Thinking(For Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Narrators And Electronic) 2015

The Faulty Sequence No.1(For Electroacoustic) 2015

The Faulty Sequence No.2(For Solo Harp) 2015

The Remarks(Flute Collection): 2015

The Remarks No.1(For solo Flute)

The Remarks No.2(For Solo Alto Flute)

The Remarks No.3(For Solo Bass Flute)

The Remarks No.4(For solo Flute)

The Lost Memories No.2(For Clarinet And Fixed Media) 2015

Solo Piano No.5  2016

Soliloquy For Oboe And Guitar 2016

Risoluto(For Two Flute And Cello) 2016

Doubt(For Trio. Flute, Clarinet And Piano) 2016

The Childhood Dream(For Toy Piano) 2016

The Lost Memories No.3(For Solo Viola) 2017

Homeland(For Fixed Media) 2017

The Vital Sounds(For Fixed Media And Accordion) 2017

The Hypothesis(Three-part Collection For Electronics): 2017

The Hypothesis No.1(For Fixed Media)

The Hypothesis No.2(For Fixed Media)

The Hypothesis No.3(For Multi Chanel Electronic)

Abandoned land(For Solo Cello) 2017

String Quartet No.3 2017

INDEMNITY(For 2 Accordion And Fixed Media) 2018

Vagus(For String Orchestra) 2018

The Synonyms(For Piano And Fixed Media) 2018

Suspension No.3(For Trio Piano, Violin And Cello) 2018

Trauma(For Accordion And Two Cellos) 2018

Sing For Ghazal No.183(For Solo Baritone And Electronic) 2018

Sharhe(For Orchestra) 2019

Derealization(For Duet Marimba And Bass Clarinet) 2019

Miniatur No.1(For solo Cello) 2019

Miniatur No.2(For solo double bass) 2019

Summer(Fixed Media) 2019

SAMAT(For Violin & Cello) 2019

LAMENT FOR ANTONIOU(For Solo Bass Flute) 2020

Miniatur No.3(Solo Violin) 2020

Short whisper(For Solo Bass Flute) 2020

Suspension No 4(For Solo Clavietta) 2020