Little a fantasy(For Clarinet, Piano And Harmonica) 2006

The short work I wrote, Based on the shortness of the theme

Between clarinet ,Talking to the piano And then the harmonica.

Year of Creation: 2006  last edition AND Recorded: Summer 2014

Clarinet: Soheil Peyghambary  Harmonica: Mohamad Athari

Piano: Soheil Shirangi At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Soundcloud Link


Piano pianissimo No.2(For Violin & Viola And Piano) 2008

To make this effect I got help from the name of a small collection.

So that the musician can have a good understanding of the work Decide to play the feeling of work Consider himself, With a general explanation of the mildest state And I tried to narrate the space, I used tonality as much as I thought it might be useful.

Year of Creation:  2008     Rewrite: 2013   last edition and Recorded : 2015

Violin and Viola: Masud Noruzi   Piano: Soheil Shirangi

At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Kooran(For Selected Ensemble) 2009

For String Ensemble, Flute and Piano And Vibraphone

This work was a narrative of me, For small groups

About a period of my life Using contemporary music elements.

Year of Creation:  Winter 2009     last edition and Recorded : Summer 2015

Flute and Alto Flute: Meysam Ghodrati

Bass Flute: Hossein Ebadolahi  Piano: Arman Nassiri

Violin And Viola: Pedram Faryousefi  Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi

At Saba Studio, Tehran , Iran: Spotify Link


Karma(For Piccolo And Flute) 2012

A conversation that conveys a meaning,Each actor says his own sentence,Sometimes sentences change, And it seems that the purpose of the narrative has changed, But in fact it is karma

Year of Creation:  Spring 2012    last edition: 2021

At new Music For Piccolo and Flute  Youtube Link

Piccolo and Flute Player: Beth Ratay


Imazh(Sonate For Cello & Piano) 2013        

In My Composition Anything that gives an idea for a graphic narrative I use it, The image that is narrated with music. I did the same thing in this work, But in the form of a sonata Which is always the most popular form.

Year of Creation: Fall 2013     Recorded: Summer 2015

Piano: Arman Nassiri  Cello: Yasaman Koozegar

At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Kashkool(For Brass Quintet) 2014

To: The most popular person Contemporary History of Iran

Gholamreza Takhti(1930-1968)

This is my narrative work, that day Takhti Came to the Tehran street for helping to People affected by the earthquake (Buen Zahran 1962)

January 2014 … Last Edit and recorded: 2020 July

Publishmed by Zang Records 2020 August

Trumpet I, II: Hassan Farahani   French Horn: Farshad Sheykhi

Trombone: Hossein Sharifi   Tuba: Babak Mirdadian

Record At Sorna Music Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


String Quartet No.1(Rondo In D Minor) 2014

I wrote this work in a simple three-part Rondo form, Each section has its own space And at the same time they can be associated with each other, I can explain the form space with tempo modes: Part I (A) Allegro, Part II (B) Adajio And the third (C) Moderato.

Year Of Creation: Summer 2014 Last Edit And Recorded: Fall 2015

Performed By: Zasta Ensemble: Violin I: Pedram Faryousefi 

Violin II: Paniz Faryousefi   Viola: Parisa Pirzadeh   

Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi   Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


String Quartet No.2 2014

I tried in this work Using the language of music, Write a simple story for a string quartet, With elements of contemporary music.

Year Of Creation: Fall 2014

Last Edit And Recorded: Fall 2015

Performed By: Zasta Ensemble Violin I: Pedram Faryousefi

Violin II: Paniz Faryousefi Viola: Parisa Pirzadeh

Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi  Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Doubt(For Flute and Piano) 2016

Flute: Meysam Ghodrati   Piano: Siavash Damirian

Year Of Creation: Fall 2016 Last Edit: 2021

Performed: March 9, 2022 At the Music Museum Studio Record

Mix and Master: Pouyan Abdoli  Youtube Link



Trauma(For Accordion And Two Cellos) 2018

Written For Icon Arts Festival At Romanian.

A path that reminds you of distress …

Year Of Creation: June 2018  Spotify Link

Cello I: Ella Bokor  Cello II: Mircea Marian Accordion:  Fernando Mihalache

Performed December 5th, 2018, By Icon Arts Trio, At Thalia State Philharmonic Hall (Transilvania- Romanian): Soundcloud Link



SAMAT(For Violin & Cello) 2019

In this work I tried in my own language and contemporary music And of course the atmosphere of Iranian music, Have a story Rumi on this sense of humanity.

Year Of Creation: December 2019    Spotify Link

Violin: alij afari pouyan     Cello: mehrdad alemi

Recorded at By marjan masoumi

Mix and Mastering by: Hami Haghighi Cover-art: Parsa Sotoudeh

Label: Sheed Records

Recorded January 2022: Violin: Oviler Page Cello: Brian Bromberg 

Youtube Link


Autumn(For Soprano And Piano accompaniment) 2020

Zang Records Proudly Announces: The Single Track “Autumn” is now available to listen and purchase on all music streaming platforms around the globe!
Poet: forough farrokhzad  Vocal: Elmira Everlasting
Composer: Soheil Shirangi    Piano: Melina Johari
Record Label: Zang Records  C & R 2021    Spotify Link

Ghased (For Tenor And Piano) 2021

Vocal: Rashid Vatandoost   Spotify Link
Composer and Piano: Soheil Shirangi
Lyrics: Hafez  Recorded Studio: Saba Studio

I Brought a Pie(Aria For Soprano And Piano) 2021

from Election/Division   Youtube Link

Composer: Soheil Shirangi   Libretto: Basil Considine

Soprano: Bree Nichols    Piano: Warren Kim


Crossing on the way east(Hichiriki and Piano)2022

Hichiriki: Thomas Piercy Piano: Soheil Shirangi

At the National Opera Center Studio New York

United States April 19, 2022  Youtube Link

TO CHERAGHE KHOD BARAFRUZ(For Vocal, String Quartet and Piano) 2022

2023 December 6, Music On Rumi Poem by him Published by Zang Records, California, US.  Spotify Link


Rahe Rastgari(In four Movement. For Soprano, Alto, Baritone And Piano) 2023 Information Link
2024 January 2 Performed in Opening Toorandokht Festival, Ghalam Hall, Iranian Book, Tehran, Iran. Written to order Toorandokht Festival.

Soprano: Elmira Bagheri   Alto: Shadnoosh Shemshadi

Baritone: Sina Jabbari   Piano: Rozhin Zarnani