Little a fantasy(For Clarinet, Piano And Harmonica) 2006

The short work I wrote, Based on the shortness of the theme

Between clarinet ,Talking to the piano And then the harmonica.

Year of Creation: 2006  last edition AND Recorded: Summer 2014

Clarinet: Soheil Peyghambary  Harmonica: Mohamad Athari

Piano: Soheil Shirangi At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Soundcloud Link


Piano pianissimo No.2(For Violin & Viola And Piano) 2008

To make this effect I got help from the name of a small collection.

So that the musician can have a good understanding of the work Decide to play the feeling of work Consider himself, With a general explanation of the mildest state And I tried to narrate the space, I used tonality as much as I thought it might be useful.

Year of Creation:  2008     Rewrite: 2013   last edition and Recorded : 2015

Violin and Viola: Masud Noruzi   Piano: Soheil Shirangi

At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Kooran(For Selected Ensemble) 2009

For String Ensemble, Flute and Piano And Vibraphone

This work was a narrative of me, For small groups

About a period of my life Using contemporary music elements.

Year of Creation:  Winter 2009     last edition and Recorded : Summer 2015

Flute and Alto Flute: Meysam Ghodrati

Bass Flute: Hossein Ebadolahi  Piano: Arman Nassiri

Violin And Viola: Pedram Faryousefi  Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi

At Saba Studio, Tehran , Iran: Spotify Link


Karma(For Piccolo And Flute) 2012

A conversation that conveys a meaning,Each actor says his own sentence,Sometimes sentences change, And it seems that the purpose of the narrative has changed, But in fact it is karma

Year of Creation:  Spring 2012    last edition: 2021

At new Music For Piccolo and Flute  Youtube Link

Piccolo and Flute Player: Beth Ratay


Imazh(Sonate For Cello & Piano) 2013        

In My Composition Anything that gives an idea for a graphic narrative I use it, The image that is narrated with music. I did the same thing in this work, But in the form of a sonata Which is always the most popular form.

Year of Creation: Fall 2013     Recorded: Summer 2015

Piano: Arman Nassiri  Cello: Yasaman Koozegar

At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Kashkool(For Brass Quintet) 2014

To: The most popular person Contemporary History of Iran

Gholamreza Takhti(1930-1968)

This is my narrative work, that day Takhti Came to the Tehran street for helping to People affected by the earthquake (Buen Zahran 1962)

January 2014 … Last Edit and recorded: 2020 July

Publishmed by Zang Records 2020 August

Trumpet I, II: Hassan Farahani   French Horn: Farshad Sheykhi

Trombone: Hossein Sharifi   Tuba: Babak Mirdadian

Record At Sorna Music Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


String Quartet No.1(Rondo In D Minor) 2014

I wrote this work in a simple three-part Rondo form, Each section has its own space And at the same time they can be associated with each other, I can explain the form space with tempo modes: Part I (A) Allegro, Part II (B) Adajio And the third (C) Moderato.

Year Of Creation: Summer 2014 Last Edit And Recorded: Fall 2015

Performed By: Zasta Ensemble: Violin I: Pedram Faryousefi 

Violin II: Paniz Faryousefi   Viola: Parisa Pirzadeh   

Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi   Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


String Quartet No.2 2014

I tried in this work Using the language of music, Write a simple story for a string quartet, With elements of contemporary music.

Year Of Creation: Fall 2014

Last Edit And Recorded: Fall 2015

Performed By: Zasta Ensemble Violin I: Pedram Faryousefi

Violin II: Paniz Faryousefi Viola: Parisa Pirzadeh

Cello: Atena Eshtiaghi  Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran: Spotify Link


Doubt(For Flute and Piano) 2016

Flute: Meysam Ghodrati   Piano: Siavash Damirian

Year Of Creation: Fall 2016 Last Edit: 2021

Performed: March 9, 2022 At the Music Museum Studio Record

Mix and Master: Pouyan Abdoli  Youtube Link



Trauma(For Accordion And Two Cellos) 2018

Written For Icon Arts Festival At Romanian.

A path that reminds you of distress …

Year Of Creation: June 2018  Spotify Link

Cello I: Ella Bokor  Cello II: Mircea Marian Accordion:  Fernando Mihalache

Performed December 5th, 2018, By Icon Arts Trio, At Thalia State Philharmonic Hall (Transilvania- Romanian): Soundcloud Link



SAMAT(For Violin & Cello) 2019

In this work I tried in my own language and contemporary music And of course the atmosphere of Iranian music, Have a story Rumi on this sense of humanity.

Year Of Creation: December 2019    Spotify Link

Violin: alij afari pouyan     Cello: mehrdad alemi

Recorded at By marjan masoumi

Mix and Mastering by: Hami Haghighi Cover-art: Parsa Sotoudeh

Label: Sheed Records

Recorded January 2022: Violin: Oviler Page Cello: Brian Bromberg 

Youtube Link


Autumn(For Soprano And Piano accompaniment) 2020

Zang Records Proudly Announces: The Single Track “Autumn” is now available to listen and purchase on all music streaming platforms around the globe!
Poet: forough farrokhzad  Vocal: Elmira Everlasting
Composer: Soheil Shirangi    Piano: Melina Johari
Record Label: Zang Records  C & R 2021    Spotify Link

Ghased (For Tenor And Piano) 2021

Vocal: Rashid Vatandoost    Spotify Link
Composer and Piano: Soheil Shirangi
Lyrics: Hafez  Recorded Studio: Saba Studio

I Brought a Pie(Aria For Soprano And Piano) 2021

from Election/Division   Youtube Link

Composer: Soheil Shirangi   Libretto: Basil Considine

Soprano: Bree Nichols    Piano: Warren Kim


Crossing on the way east(Hichiriki and Piano) 2022

Hichiriki: Thomas Piercy Piano: Soheil Shirangi

At the National Opera Center Studio New York

United States April 19, 2022  Youtube Link