INDEMNITY(For 2 Accordion And Fixed Media)

This work is a reflection of Hafez’s GHAZAL in my world…

Year Of Creation: January 2018   Last Edit: June 2020

21 June 2019 Performed by Dream House Ensemble in the 4th Tehran Contemporary Music Festival in Hafez Hall, Tehran, Iran.

Accordion I: Parsa Sotudeh   Accordion II: Armin Mohamadi.


Short whisper(For Solo Bass Flute)

In this short work I tried To emphasize On the sense of narration of the bass flute, With simple techniques And the question that becomes less and less.

Year Of Creation: October 2020

Bass flute: Lisa Cella.

AT Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Lisa Cella presented on The Low Flutes Project.

March 27, 2021, Concert Hall at the University of Baltimore, Maryland, United States.



2024: June 8, In the online project, It’s the introduced project by TC4 Ensemble works by the Composer’s Voice featuring Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with TC4 Saxophone Quartet.



Abandoned land(For Cello And Fixed Media)

There is no hope here If so, it is not enough for be motivate Everyone thinks of a better world, but…

Cellist: Ulrike Brand

Year of creation: 2017 Performed and publish: 2021



ROJA(For Solo Tenor Saxophone)

April, 2021

In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame 2021 November

Saxophonist: Drew Joseph Hosler

The name of a star that can only be seen very early in the morning. And its time is very short. And because of the many lights in those good hours can not be seen.


SAMAT (For Violin & Cello)

In this work I tried in my own language and contemporary music And of course the atmosphere of Iranian music, Have a story Rumi on this sense of humanity.

Year Of Creation: December 2019

Recorded January 2022: Violin: Oviler Page Cello: Brian Bromberg 



Suspension No.3 (For Piano, Narrator and Fixed Media)

Composer and Piail Shirangi Narrator: Rob Snikkar

April 2022, Averill Park, NY Arts letters & Numberno: Sohes


“NAVAYE MAHZOON” Solo Piano No.3

Composer and Piano Player: Soheil Shirangi

Created: 2013 / Rewrite 2022

Recorded at Saba Studio, March 1 2023


Doubt(For Flute and Piano)

Flute: Meysam Ghodrati   Piano: Siavash Damirian

Year Of Creation: Fall 2016     Last Edit: 2021

Performed: March 9, 2022

At the Music Museum Studio Record, Mix and Master: Pouyan Abdoli



I Brought a Pie Aria (For Soprano And Piano) from Election/Division

Composer: Soheil Shirangi   Libretto: Basil Considine

Soprano: Bree Nichols    Piano: Warren Kim



Karma(For Piccolo And Flute)
At New Music For Piccolo And Flute
Composer: Soheil Shirangi
Piccolo and Flute Player: Beth Ratay
A conversation that conveys a meaning, Each actor says his own sentence, Sometimes sentences change, And it seems that the purpose of the narrative has changed, But in fact it is karma.
Year of Creation: Spring 2012
last edition: 2021


A Place To Love (For Orchestra)

We are seeing more and more damage to the earth every day, The earth, Where it belongs to all of us, All of us, all humans, All animals, And all the creatures that live here And the hope I imagined, Better days for our planet…

Year of Creation: Winter / 2013  Last Edit: 2020


Piano pianissimo No.1(Solo Piano No.2)

To make this effect I got help from the name of a small collection.

So that the musician can have a good understanding of the work Decide to play the feeling of work Consider himself, With a general explanation of the mildest state And I tried to narrate the space, I used tonality as much as I thought it might be useful.

Year of Creation: Winter 2008     Rewrite: 2013   last edition and Recorded : 2015

And August 2018 By Edmund Hartzell

Piano: Arman Nassiri  At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran.


Crossing on the way east
Hichiriki: Thomas Piercy
Piano: Soheil Shirangi
At the National Opera Center Studio
New York, United States
April 19, 2022


The Remarks No.1(For solo Flute)

(A set of four short sections for the flute family)

From The Remarks(Flute Collection): 2015

The collection that, I tried it for each solo instrument that main character of each one is preserved. After technique issues that can be important Details for me, because helps me I’ll be a better narrator.

Year Of Creation: Jun 2015 ,  Performed By: Meysam Ghodraty

Last Edit And Recorded: December 2020  At: Pezhman Studio,Tehran, Iran


The Faulty Sequence No.2(For Solo Harp)

My effort in the process, It has been a trend Which does not expand.

Year Of Creation: May 2015 Performed By Olivia Jageurs / March 2019.


The Remarks(2015) (A set of four short sections for the flute family)

The collection that, I tried it for each solo instrument that main character of each one is preserved. After technique issues that can be important Details for me, because helps me I’ll be a better narrator.

The Remarks No.3(For solo Bass Flute)

Year Of Creation: August 2015 Performed By Daniela Mars / 2018 February


Suspension No.2(For Electronic Voices &  Prepared Piano)

My temporary incentives, My unanswered questions, my hesitation at times and… Made me To write a collection of this suspension.Suspension of Many things: My feeling , your feeling folk ‘s emotions, A dialogue of my ideas.

Year of Creation: Spring / 2013

In 2017, this work won the second place in the Tehran International Electronic Composing Competition.

Performed: September, 2017: Da Hall At the end of the second Tehran International Electronics Festival, Tehran, Iran.

April 2018: And Off  Borders In Thessaloniki Greece.

June, 2018: Body, light, sound festival  In Luigi Cherubini Conservatory Florence, Italy.

November 2018:  In Sprengel Museum In Hannover Germany.


Suspension No.1 (For Accordion And Fixed Media)

Suspension Is many things: People’s feeling, Their memories, Their nostalgia, Their hopes and aspirations and finally The silence. Silence that is nothing and everything, I sometimes hear And sometimes I don’t hear, they are tangible, Unexplainable And I try to articulate them And unforgettable, They can’t be erased from my memory I live with them, It can be any sound, And Azan sound: Religious Voice Since my childhood Imprinted In my mind.

To An important part of the Iranian people’s memories: Rahim Moazen Zadeh

Year of Creation:  2012    Recorded: 2020  Accordion: Benoit Ray


Solo Piano No.1

During this piece I tried I avoid Identify elements of the basic idea of work, But the more minutes pass Uneasy Characterized The seconds that pass And it expresses a sense of personal experience.

Composer And Pianist: Soheil Shirangi

Year of Creation: 2007 . Rewrite:2012-2015-2017

last edition: 2021 . Recorded At Saba Studio, Tehran, Iran

By Marjan Masoumi. April, 15, 2021


MEHRE PENHAN(For a cappella choir)

Ghazal By Mowlānā   Published : Javan Music Distribution Center

Performed by: Iran Philharmonic Choir  Conductor: Alireza Shafaghi Nezhad

Assistant: Shadnoosh Shemshadi  Video: Parsa Sotoudeh

Recorded at Saba Studio, Tehran, 2022 March By: Marjan Masoumi

Mix And Master: Reza farhadi  Graphic design: Mobin Kushkbaghi