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Coming soon. MEHRE PENHAN(For a cappella choir)

بزودی… مهر پنهان(برای گروه کر آکاپلا) غزل از حضرت مولانا نشرِ بین المللی: جوان‌رکوردز آهنگساز: سهیل شیرنگی اجرا شده توسط: گروه کر فیلارمونیک ایران رهبر: علیرضا شفقی نژاد دستیار: شادنوش شمشادی ضبط در استدیو صبا، تهران، اسفند ۱۴۰۰ توسط: مرجان معصومی میکس ومستر: رضا فرهادی طراح گرافیک: مبین کوشکباغی Coming soon… MEHRE PENHAN(For a cappella […]

Alternative sound celebrates 25 years

Alternative sound celebrates 25 years Tomorrow Saturday 02/07 will be the concert 217 at 18h at La Scala de San Telmo Premiering “Ether” ,In the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this program will be introduced and performed One of my short Solo Piano etudes by the excellent pianist Roxana Baldor Link for ticket reservation: […]

Arts Letters and numbers

  Saturday at 3pm will be the ‌first Arts Letters & Numbers event of the spring, featuring works performances by me and Rob Snikkar. The collection of Suspension from my compositions previous years, which includes three parts is present in this program.   Suspension No.3(For Piano, Narrator And Fixed Media) is a new work that […]

“Ghased” Now available

“قاصد” توسط شرکت زنگ ریکورزد منتشر شد، هم اکنون قابل دسترس در همه پلتفرم های موسیقی. اثری برای دوئت تنور و پیانو, با صدای استاد رشید وطندوست و موسیقی من بر روی شعر حضرت حافظ. ای صبا نکهتی از خاک ره یار بیار… ببر اندوه دل و مژده دلدار بیار… The Single Track “Ghased” published […]

Zang Records Proudly Announces(Ghased)

      STAY TUNED❗️به زودی Zang Records Proudly Announces: The Single Track “Ghased” by Soheil Shirangi will soon be available to listen and purchase on all music streaming platforms around the globe! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Vocal: Rashid Vatandoost Composer: @soheil.shirangi Lyrics: Hafez Piano: Soheil Shirangi Recorded Studio: Saba Sound Engineer: @marjan__masoumi Mix and Master: @kavehab Graphic […]

Collaboration with Maestro Rashid Vatandoost

همکاری با استاد رشید وطن دوست نازنین از بهترین اتفاقات برای من بود، بزودی ماحصل این همکاری رو منتشر میکنم Collaboration with Maestro Rashid Vatandoost was one of the best for me, I will publish this collaboration soon.

Record at the Sorna Performance Hall, Dream House Ensemble

Today, Record at the Sorna Performance Hall with my dear friends in the Dream House Ensemble New news coming soon … ضبط امروز در سالنِ اجرای سُرنا با دوستانِ عزیزم در آنسامبل خانه رویا خبرهای جدید به زودی …

Suspension No.1 in audiovisual frontiers

Suspension No.1(For Accordion And Fixed Media) has been selected for audiovisual frontiers(virtual exhibition) at the university of California, Riverside. Composer: Soheil Shirangi Accordion Player: Benoit Rey Here is link: https://audiovisualmusic.ucr.edu/ https://audiovisualmusic.ucr.edu/audiovisual-frontiers…/ And Suspension No.1: https://audiovisualmusic.ucr.edu/audiovi…/suspension-no-1/

“ROJA” In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Joseph Hosler

I’m happy that my work “ROJA”(For Solo Tenor Saxophone) will performed this Saturday -In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Joseph Hosler Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Hosler presenting the 15 one-minute compositions from Daniel Cho, Brian Ellis, David Heinick, Stanley M. Hoffman, Connor Johnson, Isaac Mayhew, Luigi Morleo, Ken Paoli, Coleman Rowlett, Volker Ignaz Schmidt, Soheil Shirangi, […]

Sheed Records proudly announces: Samat

Sheed Records proudly announces   “Samat”, due for Violin and Cello, written by @soheil.shirangi is out now!   Violin: @alijafaripouyan Cello: @mehrdadalemi Recorded at @saba.studio @marjan__masoumi Mix and Mastering by: @h_aa_m_i Cover-art: Parsa Sotoudeh   Label: Sheed Records @sheedrecords   <><><<>><><><<>><><> . سماط، دوئت برای ویلن و ویلن سل آهنگساز: سهیل شیرنگی ویلن: علی جعفری‌پویان […]