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KATIBEH(Duet For Flute and Guitar)

کتیبه (دوئت برای فلوت و گیتار)این اثر روایتی هست از من, که حاصل مواجه شخصی من با کتیبه اثر مهدی اخوان ثالث بوجود آمد سال ساخت: بهار ۱۳۹۳بازنویسی و ویرایش نهایی: 1403آهنگساز: سهیل شیرنگیفلوت: حسین عبادالهیگیتار: بنسه هارتلدر استدیو آلپو(توسط مازیار باباباشی) KATIBEH(Duet For Flute and Guitar)This work is a narrative of me, That’s the […]

Recital Link: Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame. Lisa Cella presented on The Low Flutes Project

Here is Recital Link. Concert At Hall at the University of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. By Lisa Cella, March 27, 2021. 25:20. My Work: Short whisper(For Solo Bass Flute). https://vimeo.com/523402976/5c10e3ebd6

The Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame project

From my new compositions: Short whisper (For Solo Bass Flute) Will be performed At The Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame project by Lisa Cella. Will be performed to be premiered in Earl and Darielle Linehan,Concert Hall at the University of Baltimore, Maryland and online with Virtual Concert Halls. Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is a Vox Novus project, and 15 one-minute works written […]


LAMENT FOR THEODORE The intended  album will feature original works to honor Theodore Antoniou who passed away on December 26, 2018. Theodore Antoniou used to write Laments for friends he lost. The total cost of the services listed in is cover by the The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation. The Contracting Beata Iwona Glinka pays the royalties for the […]

2016, Release of Image album by Pardis Contemporary Music Publishing Company

2016, Release of Image album by Pardis Contemporary Music Publishing Company Composer: Soheil Shirangi Consists of 6 works: Piano pianissimo No.1(Solo Piano No.2) 2008 Imazh(For Cello & Piano) 2013 String Quartet No.1(Rondo In D Minor) 2014 String Quartet No.2 2014 Piano pianissimo No.2(For Violin & Viola And Piano) 2008 Kooran(For Selected Ensemble) 2009