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Rahe Rastgari In Toorandokht Festival

2024: January 2, “Rahe Rastgari”(For Soprano, Alto, Baritone and Piano) In four Movement Perfomed in Opening Toorandokht Festival, Ghalam Hall, Iranian Book, Tehran, Iran. Composer: Soheil Shirangi Soprano: Elmira Bagheri Alto: Shadnoosh Shemshadi Baritone: Sina Jabbari Piano: Rozhin Zarnani “رَهِ رستگاری” اثری که سال گذشته به سفارش جشنواره بین‌المللی توراندخت نوشتم، دوازدهم دی ماه در […]

The unveiling of “Sonorystyka No.1” album

رونماییِ آلبوم سونوریکا شماره یک اولین آلبوم رسمی آنسامبل خانه رویا سرپرست: سهیل شیرنگی آثاری از نادر مشایخی، علی رادمان و آیدین صمیمی مفخم ناشر: پژواک آوای معاصر انقلاب، بین مترو دروازه دولت و شریعتی، ضلع شمالی زیر پل روشندلان، ساختمان تجاری آریان، طبقه چهارم شرقی، سالن سرنا لطفا برای رزرو صندلی، نام و نام […]

“ROJA” In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Joseph Hosler

I’m happy that my work “ROJA”(For Solo Tenor Saxophone) will performed this Saturday -In Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Joseph Hosler Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring saxophonist Drew Hosler presenting the 15 one-minute compositions from Daniel Cho, Brian Ellis, David Heinick, Stanley M. Hoffman, Connor Johnson, Isaac Mayhew, Luigi Morleo, Ken Paoli, Coleman Rowlett, Volker Ignaz Schmidt, Soheil Shirangi, […]

The University of North Georgia project

The University of North Georgia project will be held on Saturdays and Sundays(October 30-31, 2021). Performing and interpreting Contemporary works written in the last fifteen years. I am glad that my work: Miniatur No.1(For Solo Cello) is among these works witch will performed by Esther Morgan-Ellis Research on Contemporary Composition https://www.eventbrite.com/…/research-on-contemporary… …. پروژه دانشگاه جورجیا […]

”Your Concept…” at Suoni Per Il Popolo festival

”Your Concept…” for Piano, Electronics and Spoken Words From my recent work, It will be performed at “Deterritorializing the realm of new music” in The performance at Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, by Anoush Moazzeni will take place on June 15th. 7:30 pm EST; that is 4:00 am IST. You can find the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/214773016765265/ […]

”Your Concept…” An excerpt from rehearsals

”Your Concept…” For Piano, Electronics and Spoken Words An excerpt from rehearsals By: Anoush Moazzeni Composer: Soheil Shirangi National Youth Assembly CMC, Smbbmu larkano Suoni Per Il Popolo Iranian Female Composers Association – IFCA Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada مفهومِ تو(برای پیانو، الکترونیک و کلمات گفتاری) هَرچه دَر فَهمِ […]

“Maelstrom” Album Available January 15, 2021 By ArpaViva Music

Soheil Shirangi / Shervin Abbasi “Maelstrom” album, Which is the result of a joint collaboration between me and my good friend Shervin Abbasi , will be published on Friday, January 15 by ArpaViva Music More information coming soon… Photo by:Farshid Ayoobinejad “Maelstrom“ Album  Works for chamber music By Soheil Shirangi And Shervin Abbasi The works […]

2017 Soheil Shirangi Won The Second Person Tehran International Electronic Music Festival Award

Soheil Shirangi Won The Second Person Tehran International Electronic Music Festival Award(2017) In Tehran, Iran.     Suspension No.2(For Electronic Voices & Prepared Piano) 

2020 Release ” Spectrum, Vol. 1″ by Phasma

Spectrum Vol.1 is a new album of electroacoustic compositions that explores these ideas through a musical meditation on  time and space, represent traces of the collective imagination, and similarities between different cultures point and a shared human experience. Each work depicts a sonic landscape that serves as a musical reflection of a space with cross-cultural significance. […]