2019 Release Two Minutes From Phasma

2019 Release Two Minutes From Phasma

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo

The album TWO MINUTES for solo flute contains 36  two-minute works, written by 35 composers from 14 countries, collected and performed by Iwona Glinka. Award-winning recording artist and renowned flutist Iwona Glinka presents a recital composed of  pieces whose creativity is rooted in various popular trends in the 21st century. These pearls were created somewhat off the beaten track of the artistic activity of their creators, commonly associated with other forms and different instruments. 
The composers of the album include: Aaron Alter, Christos Sp. Anastassiou, Scott Brickman, Jerome de Bromhead, Daniele Ciminiello, Jorge Delgado, András Derecskei, Alexandros Georgiadis, Alessandro Giannotti, Connor Gibbs, Robert Herschbach, Ssu-Yu Huang, Joshua Ivar Dubé, Rebecca Kaiserin, Hari Kanakis, Vasileios Kolovos, Martin Lennartz, Daiwei Lu, Chan Wing Lun, Kaori Nakano, Giorgos Papamitrou, Helena Papari, Athina Pavlaki-Pirounia, William Price, Brandon Psenicka, Marco Scorsolini, Soheil Shirangi, Greg A Steinke, Neil Stipp, Jason Taurins, Anna Terzaroli, Michail Travlos, Jean-Pierre Vial, Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi, Peter S Walton.
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01. Aaron Alter Variation on “Lo Lanu Ha-Shem” [01:59]
02. Christos Sp. Anastassiou Breath and Sound [02:59]
03. Scott Brickman Kujawiak [01:48]
04. Jerome de Bromhead Shadows at Sundown [01:56]
05. Daniele Ciminiello Click [01:37]
06. Jorge Delgado Procreación [02:50]
07. András Derecskei Íkaros [01:53]
08. Alexandros Georgiadis a comment… [01:57]
09. Alessandro Giannotti Vortici [02:41]
10. Connor Gibbs Lament of the Weary Traveler [02:09]
11. Robert Herschbach Summer Mourner [02:10]
12. Ssu-Yu Huang Tweet Tweet Birds [02:11]
13. Joshua Ivar Dubé Neap Tides [02:48]
14. Rebecca Kaiserin Hopeless Hopes [01:51]
15. Hari Kanakis Sacred Tree [02:47]
16. Vasileios Kolovos Escaping Gravity [01:59]
17. Martin Lennartz Tondorfer Variationen [01:54]
18. Daiwei Lu TSUN-DERE [02:01]
19. Chan Wing Lun A Sprig of Plum Blossom [01:59] 
20. Kaori Nakano Improvisation [01:45]
21. Giorgos Papamitrou Through Changes [01:53]
22. Elena Papari Muzykant na Krakowskim Rynku [02:03]
23. Athina Pavlaki-Pirounia The First Lament [02:34]
24. Athina Pavlaki-Pirounia Redemption [02:45]
25. William Price Monologue [02:12]
26. Brandon Psenicka Embers [01:57]
27. Marco Scorsolini Improvisation on a Budget [02:02]
28. Soheil Shirangi The Remarks No.4 [02:24]
29. Greg A Steinke Sarabande [01:44]
30. Neil Stipp Discovering Oil [02:02]
31. Jason Taurins Gadfly [02:29]
32. Anna Terzaroli Inceptions [01:52]
33. Michail Travlos Paradise Bird [02:33]
34. Jean-Pierre Vial Fancy Polka [01:31]
35. Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi To Poland with Love [01:52]
36. Peter S Walton CABG [02:00]


Total time: [77:24]
Soheil Shirangi
Two Minutes By Phasma



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