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2020 Release ” Spectrum, Vol. 1″ by Phasma

Spectrum Vol.1 is a new album of electroacoustic compositions that explores these ideas through a musical meditation on  time and space, represent traces of the collective imagination, and similarities between different cultures point and a shared human experience. Each work depicts a sonic landscape that serves as a musical reflection of a space with cross-cultural significance. […]

2019 Release Two Minutes From Phasma

2019 Release Two Minutes From Phasma Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo The album TWO MINUTES for solo flute contains 36  two-minute works, written by 35 composers from 14 countries, collected and performed by Iwona Glinka. Award-winning recording artist and renowned flutist Iwona Glinka presents a recital composed of  pieces whose creativity is rooted in various popular trends […]

2017 Release “sunset in the woodland”

2017 Release “sunset in the woodland” An album from him and other choices of the second part of the compilation contest Reza korurian, Published by Yaravah Group, Tehran, Iran. Suspension No.2(For Electronic Voices & Prepared Piano)  

2016, Release of Image album by Pardis Contemporary Music Publishing Company

2016, Release of Image album by Pardis Contemporary Music Publishing Company Composer: Soheil Shirangi Consists of 6 works: Piano pianissimo No.1(Solo Piano No.2) 2008 Imazh(For Cello & Piano) 2013 String Quartet No.1(Rondo In D Minor) 2014 String Quartet No.2 2014 Piano pianissimo No.2(For Violin & Viola And Piano) 2008 Kooran(For Selected Ensemble) 2009

Arpaviva Recordings – Newsletter November 2020

Arpaviva welcomes composers Soheil Shirangi and Shervin Abbasi New album Maelstrom Coming this December Soheil Shirangi and Shervin Abbasi, based in Tehran, Iran, have jointly composed an album of five potent and imaginative works. Maelstrom, for solo instruments to small ensemble, is like a series of canvases that sound with an immeasurable depth. Being an artist […]